Depending on your field, you may be required to take periodic physical examinations to maintain certifications that are key to your employment. Jobs in healthcare, transportation, government and public service and the military often require physicals to ensure that you can perform the duties of the job safely, and will need to be performed depending on licenses and recommendations by your employer.

How Often Do I Need to Undergo a DOT Physical?

Most certifications require adults between the age of 22-64 to undergo DOT physicals every one to three years. Depending on your position and overall health, you may need to go through physicals more often. Risk factors that affect the frequency of your DOT physicals include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Decline in eyesight
  • Heart disease

If your profession requires more physical exertion or can affect the safety of coworkers, customers and other individuals, you may need to become recertified more often. Speak to your doctor and your employer with any questions you may have about your licensing and certifications.

Benefits of Employment Physicals

Businesses can benefit from having current employees and new hires undergo employment physicals. Prior to the start date, management will be able to know that the prospective employee will be able to perform duties of the job safely, without compromising the safety of other employees and people nearby. This allows the company to know that the investment and training for this particular position are not being given to someone who is not qualified, allowing HR and hiring managers to focus on more viable candidates.

Employees can also experience benefits from undergoing periodic employment physicals, including for their DOT certifications. Having the same physician perform each physical will allow a baseline to be constructed, making it easier to notice if any aspect of the physical varies year to year. This can lead to earlier detection and more effective treatment for many conditions that can develop, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Undergoing routine physicals per DOT standards can also increase productivity in the workplace because each member of the team will be able to perform the job without struggling or needing to pick up the slack.

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