What’s the Difference Between an Urgent Care Center and “Minute Clinic”?

A number of pharmacies and superstores across the country now offer walk-in “minute clinics” to their visitors. Between Emergency Rooms, minute clinics, primary care centers and urgent care centers, it’s easy to confuse the difference between these various medical care destinations. At AFC Urgent Care Norwalk, we’ve strived to offer the most comprehensive and highest quality medical services since day one.

With these “minute clinics”, they emphasize their ability to accommodate patients on a walk-in basis, yet what they generally lack are highly experienced physicians and a thorough list of services that they can provide. Meanwhile, here at AFC Urgent Care Norwalk, we always have a board-certified physician on staff and offer a wide number of services that many believe can only be provided by the emergency room. Below is a breakdown of the differences between a minute clinic and our urgent care center.

Minute Clinic

  • No Check-In Online
  • Few Lab Testing Services (generally limited to blood pressure checks)
  • Offer Only Minor Medical Services (Flu Shots, Strep Tests, etc…)
  • Clinic May Not Be Staffed By Licensed Physician
  • Primarily Doesn’t Have On-Site Lab (need to outsource lab samples)

Our Urgent Care Center

  • Staffed By Board-Certified Physicians (as well as highly experienced medical providers)
  • On-Site Lab, Equipped With X-Rays and the Apparatus Necessary for Drug Testing, Strep Throat Testing, Urinalysis, etc…
  • Offer Occupational Health Services to Employers (DOT Physicals, Pre-Employment Physicals, Drug Testing, etc…)
  • Provide a Comprehensive Number of Patient Services on a Walk-In Basis
  • Accept Most Insurances and Offer Affordable Self-Pay Options

For more information about AFC Urgent Care Norwalk, call us at 203.845.9100 or visit us any day of the week – all on a walk-in basis! We look forward to being your go-to destination for all your walk-in medical needs!