Traveling to Hawaii? Get tested at AFC Urgent Care Norwalk. Skip the Quarantine:


The State of Hawaii has introduced a new COVID testing partnership with AFC Urgent Care and AFC Urgent Care Norwalk as one of the only accepted testing providers for travelers. Starting on November 24th, patients must visit a Trusted Travel Partner in order to travel to Hawaii and avoid a 14-day quarantine. Book your rapid COVID-19 test online to get started and travel to Hawaii: Use our telemedicine port to initiate a COVID test –


AFC Urgent Care Norwalk is proud to be accepted as a testing partner with the state. Our provider team’s commitment to excellence ensures that all patients are seen as quickly as possible so that they can travel freely and safely wherever they need to go. If you have any additional questions about the partnership or our COVID-19 testing services, use the buttons on our home page to book an appointment or contact our team.

Below are more details about the partnership and what patients should know about Hawaii’s travel advisory and quarantine requirements:


Hawaii Travel Guidelines and COVID-19 Safety procedures

The state of Hawaii is instituting new coronavirus-related travel guidelines that mandate a 14 day quarantine without approved testing from a trusted partner. Hawaii has curbed COVID infections and cases because of strategic partnerships to ensure healthy travelers are safe, and that the state doesn’t experience unexpected spikes in COVID cases from untested travelers. Travelers that want to expedite their travel must visit a Trusted Travel Partner and abide by the following state guidelines:

  • To Bypass Quarantine: Proof of a negative COVID-19 testing from trusted travel partner provider organization, such as AFC Urgent Care Norwalk
    • Pre-travel test within 72 hours of departure
    • Completion of online Safe Travels Hawai’i form for incoming travelers
    • *Temporary in Kaua’i only: mandatory quarantine with or without a test
    • Second test for non-quarantine travelers to Maui County, Kaua’i County, and County of Hawaii
  • With a 14-Day Quarantine:
    • Pre-test 72 hours to departure
    • Post-arrival test in quarantine until negative test verified


Want to skip the quarantine? Get started today at AFC Urgent Care Norwalk?

AFC Urgent Care Norwalk can get patients on their way to Hawaii through fast and effective rapid COVID-19 testing. Patients will need to book a telemedicine appointment to schedule COVID testing. 

During your test, a provider will go over Trusted Travel Partnership Form which will be given to the patient for upload onto their account at You may need this form once your test is completed. As a reminder, make sure that you do not travel if your test returns as a positive. If you need more information contact our team.