flu shot vaccinationNow that it’s coming into the flu season, if you haven’t already gotten your flu shot yet, now’s the time! Getting your flu shot is quick and easy. If you’re still unsure about getting your flu shot, these four reasons will make you reconsider before flu season is in full swing.


The Flu Can Be Deadly


The flu is such a common illness, that many people underestimate it. Getting the flu doesn’t just mean calling in sick and feeling miserable. It could mean two weeks in bed, and even losing your life. Over 200,000 Americans are hospitalized each flu season. Up to 49,000 of those people will die because of the illness. Getting your flu shot will keep you from missing work or school, but it can also keep you from becoming a statistic.


The Flu Vaccine is Effective


Hand washing can only protect you from the flu for so long, but the flu vaccine can protect you so much more. Your chances of contracting the flu reduces by over 60% if you choose to get vaccinated this year. The vaccine has little to no side effects, so why wouldn’t you want to increase your odds of a healthy winter?


Even if You Got Vaccinated Last Year, You Still Need It This Year


Many people think that they don’t need to receive their flu shot every year, but that’s a myth to say the least. Each year the flu vaccine is altered slightly to better prevent against the current year’s individual flu strain. That means that the shot you received last year is no longer going to protect against this year’s strain. So make sure you and your family get vaccinated every year.


It’s Low-Cost


With many insurance plans, the flu vaccine is covered at no cost to you. If you’re uninsured, AFC Urgent Care provides low-cost seasonal flu shots. If you or a loved one needs to get vaccinated, stop in today – no appointment necessary!