Sinus infections are a type of ailment that becomes more common as winter goes on and your body is exposed to different viruses like coughs and cold. Sinuses are air pockets located behind the eyes and around your nose, and an infection can form when fluid is trapped. This commonly happens as you recover from a cold.

Types of sinus infections

There are two types of sinus infections, which may require different types of treatment

  • Acute sinusitis lasts up to four weeks and typically starts as a respiratory illness such as a cold, cough or flu. You will be congested in the time leading up the infection forming. 
  • Chronic sinusitis lasts for over eight weeks or occurs when you have more than four sinus infections in one year.

How can I tell if I have a sinus infection?

If you have a sinus infection, you may experience all or some of the following:

  • Post-nasal drip
  • Headache
  • Pain or added pressure on the face, especially around eyes and nose
  • Fever
  • Lost of sense of smell
  • Runny or stuffed-up nose
  • Fatigue

Treatment Options for Sinus Infections

Depending on your age and the degree of your sinus infection, your treatment options may vary. A bacterial infection can be treated with prescription antibiotics, while other causes can be treated using over-the-counter decongestants, nasal spray and humidifiers to reduce swelling.

Sinus Infection Treatment in Norwalk, CT

If you are suffering from a sinus infection, visit AFC Urgent Care Norwalk for walk-in treatment. Our center is open seven days a week and offers late hours in order to accommodate sudden onset of symptoms. Our center can be reached by calling 203-845-9100.