National Nutrition Month is an education campaign that was created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing healthy habits.

This year’s theme of National Nutrition Month is “Put Your Best Fork Forward,” a simple reminder to make every meal decision count.

Here are a few ways you can practice healthy eating habits:

  1. Monitor what you’re eating. Make a list of foods that you know are good to eat and make a list of foods that you should avoid that include high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats.
  2. Eat regular, well-balanced meals. Eating three well-balanced meals a day should be the norm.  Skipping meals can result in our-of-control hunger as well as develop a tendency to snack, which leads to snacking on unhealthy foods.
  3. Go for healthy snacks. Indulge in fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables, rather than snacking on potato chips. candy, or cheesesticks.
  4. Reduce salt and sugar intake. Reduce your salt and sugar intake by cutting areas that you’re adding it to your meals and beverages such as coffee and tea.
  5. Add variety. Look through cook books for new ways to prepare healthy foods that can be tasty.