If you’ve fallen victim to taking better care of your car than you do your body, you’re not alone.  Many men neglect their health as a sense of pride because they are the hero of their family, and SuperDads don’t get sick.

When you can no longer put your health to the side, be sure to visit AFC Urgent Care Norwalk for preventative measures such as:

Physicals: AFC Urgent Care Norwalk offers various types of examinations in addition to the basic adult physical; these include: DOT, pre-employment, and sports & camp physicals for children, seven days a week on a walk-in basis. Physical examinations can detect underlying medical conditions that can be diagnosed and treated early-on so you won’t be sidelined with a more serious condition in the future.

Routine Vaccinations: Vaccines are the oldest and safest measure of preventing many serious conditions or diseases such as influenza, measles, mumps, hepatitis and others. At AFC Urgent Care Norwalk, not only do we provide vaccinations on a walk-in basis, but we can also test for immunity to the diseases in order to avoid unnecessary vaccines.

Injuries & Illnesses: You may shrug off an injury or fight through your cold, but when your body seems off and you’re not feeling like your normal self, it’s best to seek medical attention.  AFC Urgent Care Norwalk’s staff of medical professionals are experienced with treating a variety of non-life threatening health conditions seven days a week.  When you want to avoid the cost of the ER and your primary care physician is overbooked, just walk into AFC Urgent Care Norwalk for relief for your symptoms or injuries.


For more information about the health services we provide, please contact us at 203-845-9100.