The AFC Urgent Care Norwalk occupational medicine program is an integrated, comprehensive source for health services used by all types of businesses and of all sizes. Injured or unwell employees can impact your business and the safety of others. You need an occupational health program that delivers. That program is AFC Urgent Care Norwalk.

some workers standing in a factoryOccupational Health and Workers’ Compensation

Prompt, accurate communication is a key building block to effective occupational health services. That is why we’ve designed programs that promote streamlined record keeping, enable a quick return to work, and keep you fully aware of your employee’s health status. The health of your employees is important to us.

a doctor listens to a patients health concernsOccupational Health Tests provided in Norwalk, CT

In addition to drug testing and pre-employment physicals for employees, we also provide the following occupational health services-

Respiratory Fit Test

We can perform OSHA-compliant qualitative fit testing for half mask respirators and N95s.

Pulmonary Function Test

Spirometry testing can help to determine how strong a patient’s lungs are. It helps to measure lung size, airflow, and gas exchange.

Lift Test

We can test your employees’ ability to lift a required minimum weight using our lift tests. This can also help determine if a previously injured employee is ready to go back to work, performing at their best.

Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD)

Tuberculosis testing is easy in our facility since we are equipped with an on-site lab and x-ray equipment. Our x-ray equipment allows us for further assessment of a positive result without the need to go elsewhere for imaging.

Vision/Whisper Test

We can perform Ishihara testing for color blindness and Snellen Testing for visual acuity. We also perform hearing tests on site.

a doctor stands with other workers behind himContact AFC Urgent Care Norwalk

If you are looking for occupational health services in the Norwalk, CT area, contact us at 203-845-9100. Our center is available seven days a week, from 8AM to 8PM. We are conveniently located at 607 Main Avenue in Norwalk, CT.