Employer Drug Testing in Norwalk, CT

Many employers today have comprehensive drug-free policies, strictly prohibiting the use of drugs. These policies include drug testing the employee both before and during employment.

Employers may also want to screen candidates and new hires, and conduct random testings to ensure that employees are following company policy.  These tests are conducted to identify employees who may have substance abuse issues, which may affect their work ethic and performance.

At AFC Urgent Care Norwalk, we provide employer drug testing as a part of our occupational health services.  Some of the drug screenings we conduct at our urgent care center include:

  • Pre-employment testing
  • Corporate testing
  • DOT testing
  • Annual testing
  • Random testing
  • Instant/Rapid testing
  • Mobile/on-site testing
  • Post-accident testing
  • Reasonable cause testing
  • Electronic chain of command
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
  • Return to duty testing

Our drug tests are performed on-site, which means your employees don’t have to travel all over town for their occupational health needs.  Our walk-in clinic is fully equipped with an on-site lab so we can provide you with prompt results.

Our urgent care center is open seven days a week with convenient night and weekend hours, which means that they can come in off the clock.  For more information on our drug testing services, call us at 203-845-9100!