Halloween is right around the corner, and this year will take a bit more preparation than previous holidays. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, it is important to make sure you take necessary steps to keep yourself and your family safe if you participate in Halloween celebrations this fall. Instead of participating in higher risk activities this Halloween, there are ways to celebrate but stay safe. 

What can I do that is low-risk this fall?

In order to stay safe and reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 this Halloween season, it is critical to make sure you and your family continue to practice social distancing and wearing masks or protective face coverings whenever you are in a public area. Make sure you wash your hands regularly with soap and warm, running water and to use hand sanitizer to kill germs when soap or water is unavailable. In order to give your family the experience of Halloween while maintaining social distancing, try one of these activities:

  • Painting or carving pumpkins at home. While you can still go to a pumpkin patch to pick out the ideal pumpkins, make sure you wear gloves and masks for safety. Painting pumpkins with non-toxic paints is safer than carving and your child can use different paints to create designs and characters. If your family is going to carve pumpkins, make sure you supervise your children closely or even have them trace designs for you to carve. 
  • Have your family decorate the inside of your home for the holiday. Decorations are available at most big-box and department stores, and many decorations can be saved for future years and holidays. You can turn this into a game with your children, hanging holiday-themed lights and banners as well as plastic bats, skeletons and witches to give your home a spooky feel.
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt for your children. Similarly to an egg hunt, hide candy in strategic places around your home including between couch cushions, in bookshelves, behind lamps and in cabinets. In addition to candy, you can hide prizes and toys around to up the stakes. 
  • Don’t let the fact that this year is different keep your family from dressing in costume. Schedule a virtual Halloween part to show off your costumes for your friends to catch up!

Fall activities with moderate risk this season

If you want to participate in neighborhood trick-or-treating if your town is allowing it, a safer way to participate is by one-way trick-or-treating. You can make goody bags or line a table along your yard or driveway with plastic cups of candy. As the bags or cups are taken by trick-or-treaters, you can replenish them during breaks in foot traffic in order to be safe. Make sure you wear gloves when handling candy and surfaces handled by others.

What should I avoid?

Door-to-door trick-or-treating or attending an open-air haunted house where people will be screaming or maskless should be avoided this year.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing in Norwalk, CT

If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has since tested positive for the virus, schedule an appointment with AFC Urgent Care Norwalk for testing. Our center performs rapid tests seven days a week with same-day results. For more information about COVID-19 rapid testing, please call 203-845-9100.