For those life mishaps: work-related injuries, getting hurt playing a pick-up game of basketball, or feeling under the weather, you may consider putting off your injury of illness to save time and money, or you’ll suck it up and check yourself into the emergency room.

When you go to the emergency room, you may find yourself waiting quite some time for medical attention.  This is due to your health concern is mediocre to those who’s life are considered to be at stake.  You’ll find yourself waiting for hours at a time and receiving a hefty hospital bill for some crutches and an ice pack for your sprain.

There will also be those times when you need a last minute physical before you hit the open road as a truck driver, or if your child’s primary care physician can’t squeeze in time before the school year starts for their annual check up.

These are moments where urgent care centers bridge the gap between the emergency room and your primary care physician.  The advantage of visiting an urgent care center is that you can receive the medical care you need at a reduced price and wait time.  A majority of the services provided by urgent care centers are on a walk-in basis, so patients will never have to make an appointment to be seen by a physician.


Urgent Care Center in Norwalk, CT

Urgent care centers such as AFC Urgent Care in Norwalk bridge the gap between that hefty hospital bill from your ER visit and trying to schedule an appointment with your overbooked primary care physician.

Some of the services we provide at our walk-in urgent care clinic include:

AFC Urgent Care Norwalk provides these medical services and more on a walk-in basis, any day during the week.

For more information about our walk-in urgent care services, please call to speak with a medical professional at 203-845-9100.